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TOP 10 Dating and Relationship Turn-offs (in no particular order)

1. Chain smoking/chewing tobacco
2. Body odor and hygiene
3. Alcoholism
4. Self-righteousness whether of the same religion or different
5. Halitosis aka bad breath
6. Drug Addiction
7. Overweight/underweight
8. Vanity/arrogance
9. Lack of manners/rudeness
10. Self-indulgence in ones smartphone or tablet while in another person’s company

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Some women become lesbians later in life because they’ve learned that love from men is impossible. It’s a matter of fact! ALL straight men not matter what race they are, are EXTREMELY selfish and ONLY chase after anorexic bimbos that the mass media defines as ideal. If any straight man who thinks he can find this matter obsolete, I will prove to him 100% that he’s ALWAYS been wrong! I will prove to him 100% that he’s ALWAYS chased after anorexic bimbos! Therefore, any man of ALL races is a piece of s**+ since they only desire women who are selfish anorexic wenches only looking for men who make $500k or more. If you don’t believe me, why do ALL famous athletes and show biz types ONLY marry anorexic women but ALL cheat on their wives with larger women? This proves that ALL anorexic women are SHALLOW and selfish, ONLY seeking men with A LOT of money!

“GDC 2014: TOO Many Grouchy Women”

My personal experience this year at GDC was different than the previous. For the most part, there were SOOOOO many women who were tending to the checking in at the evening events are employed by companies who seemed to have a certain type a problem, they were grouchy catty women! It almost didn’t matter which evening event one would attend, just about all of them whom had women making sure of…

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